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Help my marriage Based on my personal experience and what I have seen of others who have also experienced divorce or separation from parents, I believe that children of divorce are not a curable disease at night but a process that lasts a lifetime. It takes some kind of divorce or separation in terms of abuse, drugs and other harmful acts inside the home. Regardless of the reason for the separation, the affected child never reaches its full potential. I also experienced separation of parents at 4 years of age. I remember not having seen my father for days, and weeks later, until now I’ve seen him or talked to him for more than 5 years. At the age of 9 is when I remember to ask and ask why my father is no longer in the picture. Some of the thoughts that would arise would be: “Is that me?” Was I the cause of your separation? “He never assured me that he loved me or cared for me during these important years, he never came to my football matches to encourage me to push hard.” When I look at the family structure of my classmates, they all had a parent there to support and encourage them. I never realized that they could have asked where my father was: divorce is a personal choice made by each parent for their own benefit and not the child. When a family separates, it automatically sends signals to the child that a parent no longer cares about or values ??them, according to Kelly and Emery (2003), non-resident parents see their children only 4 times a month after divorce and about 20% of children have no contact with them. parents 2-3 years after divorce In contrast, non-residential mothers visit their children more frequently and are less likely to stop having contact.

When I reflect and think about the times of feeling alone, nothing can match the desire to have a father figure there. My biggest challenge was to make up for my father’s absence to make me feel worthy. Statistics show that children of similar circumstances use money, drugs and promiscuity to meet these gaps and needs. Children who live in intact families frequently also experience this, but those who are divorced guarantee these experiences.

All children should have a balance of love and discipline of mother and father. A separation reduces your discipline and forces the parent to avoid conflicts to focus more on the immediate quality that is omitted in the child’s life. These moments are also necessary in a child’s life. The absent parent never needs to tell the child to turn off the TV and do their homework, get up for school because he / she is not on school nights.

Many of life’s lessons have been lost and the skills that would have been learned are no longer part of the plan. The school does not teach these choirs one by one and it’s too late in college to learn the basics of life. A mother and a father expose the child to things that give them a balanced life. Without the whole family, there are holes in the basics to learn.

Help my marriage

According to (Kidshealth 2015) As soon as you are sure of your plans, talk to your children about your decision to live apart. While there is no easy way to spread the news, if possible, have both parents there for this conversation. It is important to try to leave feelings of anger, guilt or guilt about it. Practice how you will manage, telling your children not to get angry or angry during the talk. Involving the child is critical to helping them adapt to all the changes that will affect them during the separation process. When my parents separated, I lived with my mother, who wore both hats during my years with her. I was not part of the process, so I left a lot of unanswered questions. Children do not need all the information, but preparing them for the next changes in their lives is vital. All that needs to be understood is that the changes will be made and that this will not affect the relationship between boy and girl. and the father without custody. Exposure to physical and mental illness arises from the traumatic loss of both parents through separation or divorce.

Help my marriage One of the effects of experiencing a divorce is the lack of communication skills between him or her, in parallel with their parents when they reach adult ability. Being able to communicate that you are about to get married, or even communicate properly with your new partner can be a problem. Adjusting to get married on your own will be a challenge, since they do not have a plan to model their new behaviors. Therefore, parents should be aware of the signs of distress in their children or children. Small children can

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